Decluttering Services

Is life getting harder and harder to manage?  Can’t seem to get on top of things and they keep piling up, making it even more overwhelming?

We can help

We are here to support you and your family in anything you are having difficulty with.  Services can be tailor made to suit your individual needs, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

We specialise in life changing events such as births, bereavements, divorces, retiring, downsizing, moving home, or just generally if you are just feeling too overwhelmed with the amount of clutter in your home.

pexels-photo-545034.jpegGeneral Clutter Control

We understand that every one of you is an individual and have unique requirements so we tailor our approach to get the best result for you.  We have a variety of expert skills to help you in the best way possible, taking your thoughts and opinions into consideration every step of the way.  We bring in practical solutions to make your home work the best for you, so you can easily manage and maintain your home going forwards.

KonMari Organising

Following the phenomenal global success of The KonMari Method™ of decluttering and organising we work through individual categories within your home to bring complete order into your environment, surrounding yourself with possessions that Spark Joy, and helping you live your perfect life.  For more detailed information please see here.

Wardrobe Management

pink and grey dresses hanged

Do you have so many clothes but nothing to ever wear?  Do you have clothes crammed into every available space?  Clothes spread all over the house?  No idea what you own, and end up buying duplicates (how many black cardigans do you have)?  We can help you declutter and organise your clothes and wardrobe space so you can easily find everything you own, allowing you to wear something that makes you feel great, every day (trust me, us it makes for a much less stressful start to the day)!

kitchen and dining areaKitchen Management

Kitchens tend to be the hardest rooms in the home to tackle, they are the hub of the home and are used by all members of the family, so they tend to collect the most clutter.  There are so many items and gadgets that can be acquired for cooking, let alone the paperwork and other things that tend to congregate here.  We can help your organise your space to work better for your family as a whole and bring the joy and passion back into cooking, allowing you to spend more quality time doing the things you love, with the people you love.

Not what you’re looking for?  We cover all areas within your home, let us know what area you are particularly struggling with organising and we will help!