KonMari process

Is the KonMari method the same as minimalist?

No.  We are not here to make you discard all of your belongings.  You keep things that spark joy for you, however much stuff that ends up being.  Don’t worry if everything you own sparks joy, we will find a forever home for everything you decide to keep!

Will you make me get rid of all my stuff?

No!  The decision is entirely yours, only you can decide what sparks joy in your life.  We will learn this as part of the process and soon enough your ‘spark joy’ skills will be completely honed and you will start doing it naturally in all aspects of your life.

Do you guarantee that I will never be messy again?

Nothing is guaranteed, but if you adhere to the lessons you receive then you have the best chance to never be messy again!   You’ll learn a lot about yourself during the process and what you actually need to own.  This will make your shopping decisions smarter and you will be more mindful about what you bring into your house.



Why declutter?

There are many benefits to decluttering.  Essentially your mind set will change and you will feel benefits in your health, confidence, relationships and bank balance!

Why should I hire you rather than reading the books and doing it myself?

As with most things, having someone there to coach and mentor you aids in the overall success of your objectives.  Consultants are trained in how to help you achieve your goals and assist you in every step of the journey.  I will support you with your decisions and help challenge you in a way that you cannot do yourself.  It can be an emotional journey and I will be there to provide support with this.

Ok, I am ready to commit, what should I do now?

That’s great, CONGRATULATIONS!  The next step is to get in touch and we can discuss how to progress.

Is there an age limit on who can do this?

Not at all!  Anyone can benefit from the process and I encourage everyone to get involved.  The younger you start, the more joy you can bring in to your overall life.

Do I need to do anything before my first session?

You are not required to prepare anything before our first session, the only thing I would recommend is that you have a really good think about what your ideal lifestyle looks like.  I can guide you through this in our initial chat if you don’t know where to start or what it looks like.

What should I expect in my first session?

The first session will be daunting, but congratulations on taking the initial step to a happier life.  We will have an informal ‘interview’ where we have a chat about how you see your ideal lifestyle and discuss the principles of the method.  I will then have a quick scout around your home and assess things like storage and take some pictures (if you allow of course!).  We will then start with the first category, which is clothing.  We will gather all items together and make one huge pile to start ‘joy checking’.  Once we have identified which items spark joy (the keepers) we will learn how to fold them the KonMari way.  We will then put them away in their new homes.

What if my partner is having trouble getting on board?

It can be difficult embarking on this journey without the support of those who share your space.  It is a very common occurrence, so try not to worry.  We only cover your things and what we find is that once your items are perfectly organised others will soon follow suit, it’s contagious!  Once they see the progress that you are making they tend to try and ‘joy check’ their own possessions.  What you need to remember is what you dislike from your partners possessions might be something that sparks joy for them, we don’t judge!

Do I need to read the books?

No, you don’t need to read the books, I will personally guide you through every stage of the journey.  However, if you want to read the books I definitely encourage it!

Why are the sessions so long?

They may seem like a really long time but trust me, the hours fly by!  We need to dedicate time to the sessions so we can make really good progress in each category and really hone those joy checking skills.

How many sessions will I need?

This completely depends on each individual.  Factors that influence the amount of times it takes are things like, the size of the house, the amount of stuff to go through, how fast we work through them and how much homework you are comfortable doing in between sessions.

We can start to identify how many sessions are needed as we work through them.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Rest assured that I do everything I can to keep your details safe.  Please see my privacy policy here for more information, or contact me if you are unsure.

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