Moving Home

Moving Home, downsizing or relocating?

We can help

We are here to support you and your family in anything that you need.  Services can be tailor made to suit your individual needs, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

black tortoise standingMoving Home and Relocating

There’s not many things that we love more than packing and unpacking and moving home! We love finding new places for things and putting things away, perfectly organised.  If you dread the thought of packing your belongings for an imminent move then get in touch!  We will declutter as we go as this is the perfect opportunity to discard unwanted items, why take things you no longer love to your shiny new house?  It will also save on removal costs of transporting unwanted items and ensure that only your favourite items travel with you to your new home.


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Research shows that by properly preparing your home for sale you can increase the value by 6%.  That’s huge!

In a world of simplicity and visualisation it is hard for potential buyers to look past clutter and see themselves and their belongings in their prospective new home.  After all, purchasing a new home is one of the biggest investments one will ever make, so it needs to be right. When viewing a property a potential buyer will start ‘placing’ their belongings, and if they cannot see where they will go they will choose not to purchase that property.  When there is clutter it will look as though there is limited storage and the buyer will wonder where they will store their belongings.  No-one moves into a property expecting to create clutter, so make it easy for them to see what’s available by decluttering.  Spark Serenity can enhance the natural beauty and assets you already own to prepare your home and get viewers through the door and maximise the value received in any offer.  We want them to focus on what your home can offer and help them visualise how they could live in that space, whilst still maintaining your individual style.