I am here to support you and your family in anything that you need.  Services can be tailor made to suit your individual needs, connect with me to discuss your requirements.

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General Clutter Control

Following the phenomenal global success of The KonMari Method™ of organising we work through categories in your home to bring complete order into your environment, surrounding yourself with possessions that spark joy, and helping you live your perfect life.

Wardrobe Management

Have so many clothes but nothing to ever wear?  Clothes crammed into every available space?  Clothes spread all over the house?  No idea what you own, and end up buying duplicates (how many black cardigans do you have)?  I can help you declutter and organise your clothes and wardrobe space so you can wear something that makes you feel great, every day!


Kitchens tend to be the hardest rooms in the home to tackle, they are used by all members of the family and tend to collect the most stuff.  I can help your organise your space to work better for your family as a whole and bring the joy and passion back into cooking.


Time Management

Do you find yourself constantly fighting fires, never seeming to have enough time to do ‘everything you need to’, with a ‘to do’ list that grows and grows, never seeming to end? I can help you prioritise, plan your schedule and give you the gift of time so you can finally do the things that make you happy.

Paper Management

Do you have piles and piles of paperwork spread all over the house? Is it completely overwhelming and you don’t know where to start, burying your head in the sand hoping it will go away? I can help you work through the piles, discarding unnecessary documents and implementing storing and filing solutions that really work so you can deal with it more efficiently going forwards.


Home Staging

It is known that buyers cannot see past the clutter to envisage how they would use the space in their potential new home, but by decluttering and using the space better you can show them how they would fit into the space. The best thing about it? It can actually increase the value of your home by 6%!  That’s HUGE!

Moving Home

Normally when people move multiple times in their lives they really don’t like doing it, but I have moved more than 15 times and there’s nothing I love more than packing and unpacking! I love finding new homes for things.  If you dread the thought of packing your belongings for an imminent move then get in touch, I really do love it!


Financial Management

Are you finding yourself with no money at the end of the month, or getting further and further into debt? Or just think there must be a better way to manage your money or consolidating multiple accounts? As a qualified accountant with a keen interest in budgeting and saving money I can certainly help.

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