I am naturally organised, I like things to have their place and I can’t fully relax in an unorganised home. Imagine my horror when I start to unpack in the beautiful kitchen that helped sell me our home only to find a ton of gorgeous but totally useless storage. In the stress of moving I just unpacked in a hurry and two years on things are still not working for us.  (more…)


Jenny taught me SO much in just a few hours. She was sensitive to my situation and really helped me downscale the huge amount of stuff in my family home. I recommend Spark Serenity to everyone!


I am a full time working mum with many balls in the air and I never seem to get everything done.  Since having my baby, all of my time is concentrated on her and I am never able to get to the pile of stuff to do.  This pile then becomes really scary and daunting.

Until Jenny entered my life



Jenny has been working her magic at my flat which has little to no storage. I have been living amongst a lot of clutter and Jenny came in with fresh eyes and identified how this could be remedied. She suggested an action plan so that I can going forward, organise my space and time more effectively.  We have got rid of the majority of the clutter, which I thought might be quite hard to let go of, but has actually been very therapeutic and liberating!!