Client A

Jenny came to help me de-clutter, sort through paperwork and pack, prior to selling our family home of eight years. 

After moving into our rented property, she also helped unpack and completely organise effectively the kitchen. Having never come across the KonMari method, it has totally revolutionised my life and way of thinking.

I worked as a professional musician for many years and ran my own ensemble. Being naturally quite a well organised person however, I found that once I had children and with the inevitable life changes that brings: More stuff, more to do, less time, it was easy for things to get out of control and for clutter to accumulate.
At what was a very vulnerable time for me, Jenny came in and offered a huge amount of support, both on a practical & emotional level: She worked highly efficiently and with her professional, calm, friendly and non-judgemental demeanour, together we overcame the bulk of the clutter and I have to say, even had fun and a laugh doing it.😊 
I now feel inspired to continue de-cluttering whilst setting up the new home and reading Marie Kondo’s book “Spark Joy,” with a view to adopting her method for life!
Meanwhile, I have asked Jenny to put her accounting hat on and help with my spreadsheet, budget and financial forecasting, which she says is another big passion of hers.