Client Z

I am a full time working mum with many balls in the air and I never seem to get everything done.  Since having my baby, all of my time is concentrated on her and I am never able to get to the pile of stuff to do.  This pile then becomes really scary and daunting.

Until Jenny entered my life

I was quite anxious to start with, embarrassed that I had let some things get out of hand and was half expecting to be reprimanded and told off. This wasn’t the case, at all. Jenny has been so nice, helpful and non-judgemental, offering words of encouragement and suggesting better ways of dealing with ‘the stuff’.  Once started it was quite liberating!  Why was I holding on to all of this stuff that I didn’t buy, don’t use or even like?

Jenny helped take the guilt away of admitting that I didn’t actually like things, or want them in my home.  Rome certainly wasn’t built in a day, but with Jenny by my side I am confident that I can conquer my fears, get rid of my guilt and get my home working for our family.